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Our Fields Of Expertise

No business owner is good at everything. As much as you may know your industry and core offering, there are undoubtedly areas you’re less confident in. Let us work with you to help you feel more in control of your business, or take on those adhoc projects or gaps in your business that are frustrating you! Whether it be an event, project, a department or representation of a local office, we can provide a solution for you.

Our focus includes developing and implementing policy and procedures, structures, reporting and overall better flow in your business, in order to achieve success and peace of mind at the same time.

Our broad knowledge in various departments of your business, gives us the opportunity to support departments or areas like marketing, media, sales, sponsorship, operations and finance on a retainer or project basis.

Corporate Strategy

The overall scope and direction of a company and the way in which its various operations and departments work together are pertinent to achieve your goals.

Our consulting approach is to spend time in your business, and get a feel for current operations. We identify opportunities for change and perform analyses in each of these areas. We formulate a detailed action plan, incorporate your feedback and implement changes whether it be by rewriting the policies and procedures, restructuring the flow of operations, training staff and adding the necessary processes, strategies and reporting into place to achieve the results that you are looking for.

We assist with the following: Business Plans; Policy and Procedure implementation (new and existing businesses); Work with start- up businesses prior to opening (set up processes, HR, Marketing); Consulting in all areas of HR, Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing; Implementation of Reporting Structures

Mystery Shopper Programme

We truly believe that the customer service experience is key to any business that enjoys client loyalty, repeat business and ultimately improved profits.

Our mystery shopper programme can be beneficial to companies in a number of ways. It can be implemented as a stand -alone service, whereby we will work through your standards and create a questionnaire for the mystery guests relevant to your business. The frequency of visits can be predetermined and you will receive your full report after each visit. Our clients then have the opportunity to either correct any short falls through their own department heads or we could assist with any suggestions on this and implement them with your team.

Our mystery shopper programme is also beneficial when assisting our clients with their policy and procedure implementation, by carrying them out before and after to use as a valuable tool in the audit process.

Our mystery shopper programme can be implemented in hotels, restaurants, game lodges, spas, airlines, call centres and any retail customer orientated business.

Project Management

We use our discipline of established principles, procedures and policies, skills and experience to successfully manage a project from conception through to completion.

We assist with the following: Corporate Events and Fund Raisers; Employee Reward Programmes; Departments in smaller staffed businesses that lack resources in Marketing, HR and Finance and need to outsource on a temporary or monthly basis; Exhibitions and Activations; Crowdfunding and other Marketing Campaigns

Sponsorship Management And Marketing

We develop sponsorship opportunities and relationships to benefit the company and sponsor alike by matching the right sponsor to create a mutually beneficial relationship, leveraged for the best exposure to their target market.